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Transform Lives Through Baseball



Faith-Based Discipleship

If you have a son who loves baseball (5th-12th Grade) who wants to grow in his personal faith and relationship with Jesus, then look no further than Baseball Genesis Discipleship!

What is ThIS


This Discipleship program is designed to help your son walk in truth and alignment with God on and off the baseball field. The baseball field can become a training ground for your son to practice and live out his faith!

The truth is, the baseball culture can be a dark place to be if not guided by Truth. So our goal is to develop young men into leaders who can be strong warriors for God, and a source of Light and Love to those around them!

This program will give your son a blueprint to apply faith on the baseball field, and to help grow God's Kingdom through it. The dugout can become like a church, and the baseball field can become his new mission field.

This program will help sharpen your son and will give him the tools, resources and mentorship to set him on the right path in life! This program will help your son develop into a leader and difference maker on and off the baseball field.


The Big Transformation:

  • ​Develop Strong Faith: Faith is like a muscle that needs consistent training in order to get stronger
  • Raised Confidence: Confidence is the #1 character trait that athletes desire to have, and faith will help his faith sky-rocket
  • ​A Band of Brothers: Join a community of like-minded baseball players who have similar goals and visions for their life (as iron sharpens iron)
  • ​Become A Leader: Learn leadership principles that your son can apply to his life to start leading others towards righteousness
  • Be A Carrier of the Gospel: Your son will learn how to share about his faith and extend Love, Grace, and Truth to others with confidence
  • ​​Play Baseball With Freedom: Play the game he loves without fear or condemnation and reach high-performance levels on the field

A Book Study

Baseball Genesis - Living For Christ Through the Game of Baseball

I will send you a Baseball Genesis book, and we will go chapter by chapter and break-down concepts so that they are understood and applied to their lives! Using the game of baseball as an analogy for life, your son will walk away with a greater understanding of the Gospel message, Truth, and Kingdom principles to live by.

A Bible Study

Learn and Apply Truth for Life

This Bible study is designed to help students grow in their faith journey and understanding of the Bible. This will help them rightly divide the Word, and increase their context, so they can apply Truth and wisdom to their lives. Reading the scriptures and putting them into practice will help nourish their body, mind, and soul.

A Community

Discuss Relatable Topics

There is tremendous benefit in having a community of like-minded baseball players who desire to live righteously and grow to their fullest potential together! This community will help your son develop Christ-centered relationships no matter your location.

A Mentor

Trevor Santor, MBA

Trevor Santor is a College Baseball Coach, Pastor, and Professor at Arizona Christian University where he played his final 2 years of college baseball. He graduated in 2014 with a Business Administration degree and a minor in Biblical Studies. Trevor also played 3 years of baseball in the NCAA at Grand Canyon University. 

Trevor is the author of the #1 best-selling book Baseball Genesis - Living for Christ through the Game of Baseball. Trevor has served as a high school baseball coach, and a college baseball coach in IL at Olivet Nazarene University where he earned his Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Non-profit Organizations (2018).

During that time, Trevor continued to build the ministry of Baseball Genesis. Eventually, partnering with a local church in Illinois to open up a Baseball Genesis location for batting cages and discipleship. After helping pastor that church for 3 years, Trevor moved back to Phoenix where he has served as Youth Pastor at a local church for 2 years ('21-23).


What Our Members Say

"I'm Thankful My Son And I Met Trevor... A Great Person"

"Trevor is a great example to be able to help a kid see Christ and deal with any issues they may have in faith or baseball."

Damian Easley

"My Son Is Now Equipped"

"Having completed the discipleship program I'm certain my son will not only see the bases on the ball field in a different light, but will be also be a light on the field."

Arla Wallace

“A Man Who Loves Jesus”

"God has put in front of you a solid resource, a quality man of God, who is gracious and kind, and whose ultimately trustworthy."

Tony Graffinino

"Baseball Has Become A Platform To Show The Love Of Jesus"

"Baseball Genesis Discipleship has helped me see God in every aspect of baseball. Baseball went from dictating my life to becoming a platform to show the love of Jesus."

Isaiah Scott

"I'm Now A Better Leader and Teammate On And Off The Field"

"This program has opened my eyes to what God wants me to do. It has taught me how to be a better leader on and off the field, and has made me a better teammate."

Noah Wallace

“I've Noticed So Much Faith Growth”

"This program has really been a blessing and I've noticed so much faith growth! We loved the program and we want all three of our sons to continue discipleship with Trevor."

Jenny Scott

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions? Email Support@BaseballGenesis.com

Does my son have to be baptized or a "born-again believer" to join?

No, this program is to help your son discover his own faith through the game of baseball to help better understand the Bible and its teachings.

How old does my son need to be to join the program?

This program is for 5th-12th graders and is designed to help guide them on their baseball and life journey through jr. high and high school.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes - we have a 30 day money back guarantee. Your son can try out the program for 30 days, and if he isn't interested in continuing, you can simply ask for your money back. 

Will this cost me more than $49?

No - this program is a one-time investment of $49 and your son will have lifetime access to the Baseball Genesis Discipleship program.

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